fleet n.

= space fleet n.

  • 1898 G. P. Serviss Edison’s Conquest of Mars in Los Angeles Herald 20 Mar. 20/7 page image Garrett P. Serviss bibliography

    By Jove, it is a store house…. We must get more force and carry it all off. Gracious, but this is a lucky night. We can re-provision our whole fleet from this room.

  • 1900 R. W. Cole Struggle for Empire iii. 46 Robert W. Cole bibliography

    A vast fleet was assembled at a short distance from London, ready to dash into space…. There were in all nearly 300 huge first-class battleships…and 500 swift ships to act as cruisers, besides numerous transports filled with soldiers.

  • 1936 Flash Gordon Strange Adventure Magazine Dec. 61/2 page image

    Through the magnascope Flash saw the largest of the Martian fleet draw slowly to a halt.

  • 1946 Atomic Engines in Astounding Science Fiction Nov. 6/1 page image

    Here is an interceptor craft that can really raise hell with an attacking fleet of human-manned bombers…. By simply cruising a half mile or so above the bombers, every man on board the ships can be killed.

  • 1955 F. B. Holden Task Mission in Worlds of If Apr. 45/1 page image Fox B. Holden bibliography

    The White Whale, of all of Earth’s great fleet of Explorer-class ships, had hung up the most enviable record. She had brought back…rare life-forms, impossible to study effectively in their native habitats.

  • 1965 E. E. Smith Skylark DuQuesne in Worlds of If Oct. 132/2 page image Edward E. Smith bibliography

    Remember how easily that self-styled Overlord wiped out your navy and then volatilized your whole stinking world? And how easily Klazmon of Llurdiax smacked your whole fleet down?

  • 1986 O. S. Card Speaker for the Dead (1987) 212 Orson Scott Card bibliography

    Olhado and the Speaker were playing a game of starship warfare on the terminal…. The two of them were operating squadrons of more than a dozen ships at the same time…. More than half of the Speaker’s fleet disappeared in a series of simulated explosions.

  • 2016 L. M. Bujold Gentleman Jole & the Red Queen i. 6 page image Lois McMaster Bujold bibliography

    The entire Barrayaran Imperial fleet, and by extension this station, kept Vorbarr Sultana time, which unfortunately did not mesh with that of the colonial capital below, as the two planets had, among other things, different day lengths.

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