scouter n.

= scout ship n.


  • 1936 C. B. Kruse Flight of the Typhoon in Astounding Stories Oct. 142/2 page image Clifton B. Kruse bibliography

    I soon discovered that off-duty hours on board a rocket scouter were little more than eating and sleeping until the chimes sounded out again. Indeed, there was no recreation room, nothing to read.

  • 1944 W. S. Peacock Chimera World in Planet Stories Winter 62/2 page image Wilbur S. Peacock bibliography

    I canโ€™t carry passengers on the scouter.

  • 1944 F. Brown Arena in Astounding Science-Fiction June 71/1 page image Fredric Brown bibliography

    In the little one-man scouter, outside the orbit of Pluto, scouting a scant million miles to one side of the Earth Armada.

  • 1957 H. Ellison World of Women in Fantastic Feb. 34/2 page image Harlan Ellison bibliography

    I knew I couldnโ€™t fight it out with them; the scouter was just too small.

  • 1974 B. Aldiss Frankenstein Unbound in Fantastic Mar. 8/2 page image Brian W. Aldiss bibliography

    Doreen came round on her scouter, which she is just about old enough to drive.

  • 1993 L. Norman Turning Point 49 page image Lisanne Norman bibliography

    If they came in a scouter, it couldnโ€™t have come far, so they must have a Mothership.

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