fan film n.

a movie made by a fan; audiovisual fan fiction n.


SF Fandom

  • 1961 H. Lynch Hocus Focus in Xero (#5) July 9 page image Hal Lynch

    Back in 1956, when we PS-FSers premiered our 8 mm fanfilm at the New York worldcon, I hopefully predicted that fannish film production would soon take its place beside publication as a major form of fanac.

  • [1980 D. O’Bannon in Starburst Magazine (#17) Jan. 19/1 page image

    He was still in his friendly mood then and was good buddies with all the powerty-stricken sf fan film-makers, and he was always doing little favours for people on their projects.]

  • 1987 Sulu’s Solo Trek in Starlog (#119) June 16/3 page image

    ‘If we make enough films, eventually the time frame will flow into the first movie,’ Stan Woo states as he awaits his own entrance into mainstream filmmaking by producing amateur movies that boldly go where no fan film has gone before.

  • 2002 A. Harmon ‘Star Wars’ Fan Films Come Tumbling Back to Earth in N.Y. Times 28 Apr. ii. 28/4 page image

    The fate of fan films will depend largely on how strictly media companies enforce their copyrights. Lucasfilm, for example, may simply be trying to protect its ‘Star Wars’ vision without cracking down on fans.

  • 2008 C. Young Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind the Camera i. 3 page image

    The classic definition is that a fan film in a fictional movie created by fans imitating their heroes from pop culture.

  • 2014 C. Taylor How Star Wars Conquered the Universe ix. 136 page image Chris Taylor bibliography

    If anything, Troops gets more immersive as it moves along. The ten-minute short turns out to be an elaborate alternate explanation for what happened to Luke Skywalker’s Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. Without the Cops layer, it would be an earnest fan film—which in some senses it still is.

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