rocketport n.

a place where rockets can take off and land; cf. spaceport n.

  • 1931 M. W. Wellman Disc-Men of Jupiter in Wonder Stories Sept. 528/2 page image Manly Wade Wellman bibliography

    At last, on a clear midnight, the Nonpareil stood upon the metal runway of a rocket port.

  • 1938 R. Wilson, Jr. Rocketport in Science Fiction News Letter (vol. 1, no. 9) 29 Jan. 2 page image Richard Wilson

    Grover Whalen, president of the New York World Fair 1939, Inc., announced this week that a feature of the fair will be an intricate working model of an interplanetary rocketport of the future.

  • 1943 β€˜J. MacCreigh’ Earth, Farewell! in Early Pohl (1976) 88 page image Frederik Pohl bibliography

    In the tube to the rocketport I was accosted by a man, shabby and furtive, who seemed to know by my appearance and possibly by secret, underground ways, that I had been chosen.

  • 1947 R. A. Heinlein β€˜It’s Great to Be Back!’ in Green Hills of Earth (1987) 105 page image Robert A. Heinlein bibliography

    They went on up to the subsurface level and took the crosstown slidewalk out to the rocket port.

  • 1951 F. M. Robinson Fire and the Sword in Galaxy Aug. 126/2 page image Frank M. Robinson bibliography

    The rocketport, where they were standing surrounded by their luggage, was a grassy valley where the all too infrequent ships could land and discharge cargo or make repairs.

  • 1957 H. B. Piper Edge of the Knife in Amazing Stories (vol. 31, no. 5) May 47/1 page image H. Beam Piper bibliography

    The Thirty Days’ War would be the immediate result. By that time, the Lunar Base would be completed and ready; the enemy missiles would be aimed primarily at the rocketports from which it was supplied.

  • 1965 J. Brunner Long Result (1970) xii. 89 page image John Brunner bibliography

    None the less it was with a sensation of great satisfaction that I went to collect my baggage and proceed to the rocketport. After last night, naturally, I was extremely tired; long before the steady pull of the rocket’s acceleration sank me into my couch, I was dozing.

  • 1967 R. Bradbury Lost City of Mars in 3 to the Highest Power (1968) 17 page image Ray Bradbury bibliography

    The wind that blew from the frontier town smelled of grease. An aluminum-toothed jukebox banged somewhere. A junk yard rusted beside the rocketport. Old newspapers danced on the windy tarmac.

  • 1970 F. Leiber America the Beautiful in Year 2000 18 page image Fritz Leiber bibliography

    The purity of the atmosphere was strikingly brought to my notice when I debarked at Dallas rocketport and found the Grissims waiting for me outdoors, downwind of the landing area.

  • 1990 P. Anthony And Eternity vii. 152 page image Piers Anthony bibliography

    The ship backed down to its rocketport and dropped into its harness. The safe-to-debark gong sounded.

  • 2002 I. R. MacLeod Breathmoss in Science Fiction: Best of 2002 380 page image Ian R. MacLeod bibliography

    The silver craft which would take her to the rocketport smelled disappointingly of sick and engine fumes as she clambered into it with the few other women and aliens who were leaving Habara.

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