meatspace n.

the physical world, in contrast to cyberspace or a virtual environment; cf. slightly earlier meat world n.

  • 1993 Austin Cyberspace Journal Newsletter 21 Feb. in austin.public-net (Usenet newsgroup) 1 Mar. page image

    Meatspace update (quick rundown on where/how to interact with net.folks in meatspace, i.e., regular events, social gatherings, restaurant hangouts, etc.).

  • 1996 J. Brockman Digerati 9

    The email may chronicle Barlow in meatspace—today he’s in France at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes, but soon he’ll be passing through Amsterdam, Winston-Salem, San Francisco, San Jose, and Pinedale, Wyoming.

  • 1999 N. Stephenson Cryptonomicon (2002) 535 page image Neal Stephenson bibliography

    Current meatspace coordinates, hot from the GPS receiver card in my laptop: [etc.].

  • 2002 C. Stross Lobsters in Year’s Best Science Fiction 19 218 page image Charles Stross bibliography

    Do it. Do it or don’t even think about uploading out of meatspace when your body packs in, because your life won’t be worth living.

  • 2007 C. Doctorow When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth in Overclocked 26 page image Cory Doctorow bibliography

    I wanted my kid to grow up in a world where cyberspace was free—and where that freedom infected the real world, so meatspace got freer, too.

  • 2013 M. A. Mohanraj Stars Change iii. 113 Mary Anne Mohanraj bibliography

    The net-world might be thin, attenuated, compared to meat-space. But here, finally, connections sprang into being as fast as she could imagine them; her code spiraled up in delicate minarets and cascading towers.

  • 2021 M. Pearce The Year IRL Went Online in L.A. Times 14 Mar. e8

    The cyber society’s operating system runs on meatspace labor, the ‘essential workers.’

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