universal translator n.

a device, computer system, etc. that (instantaneously) translates among languages

SF Encyclopedia


  • 1949 Indianapolis News 26 Aug. 5/3 (headline)

    Italian Boasts Machine as Universal Translator.

  • 1967 G. L. Coon Metamorphosis (Star Trek episode) (transcription) Gene L. Coon

    [Kirk] The universal translator on the shuttlecraft. We can try that, talk to that thing. [Spock] The translator is for use with more congruent life forms. [Kirk] Adjust it, change it…. Adjusting the translator will give you something to do.

  • 1973 J. Williamson Power of Blackness in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 75/2 page image Jack Williamson bibliography

    With a hard-won deftness, he extracted transit coupons from one folder, the visaed passport from another, gathered a medical clearance and a credit disk and a universal translator, working his way along the float until it was entering the slot between two control islands, within moments of the portal.

  • 1975 F. Joseph Star Fleet Technical Manual 03:02:04 Franz Joseph bibliography

    UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR U.F.P. STANDARD For communication between United Federation language forms and with unknown alien language forms in the Treaty exploration territory.

  • 1987 G. A. Effinger Another Dead Grandfather in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 115 page image George Alec Effinger bibliography

    I don’t speak Austrian, you know. Do you have some kind of universal translator with you or something?

  • 1999 R. Garcia y Robertson Diana by Starlight in Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar. 25 page image R. Garcia y Robertson bibliography

    This time she used the surface dialect—a combination of hoots, clicks, grunts, and glottal stops that few non-Neanderthals could twist their tongues around. But she had a universal translator in her memory chip, part of her diplomatic equipment. He stared hard at her, plainly shocked that she could talk.

  • 2015 S. Williams Translation Enigmas in Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar. 3/1 page image Sheila Williams bibliography

    Much as I’d like to believe that all humanity needs to do is pack a universal translator when negotiating with aliens, I’m pretty sure that won’t really be the case.

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