mind-control v.

to use mind control on (a person); to control or influence (a person) telepathically


  • 1970 L. Carter Star Rogue xi. 114 page image Lin Carter bibliography

    Of course, I had no gun. Meade had used it to shoot me with. And I hadn’t thought it necessary to relieve any one of the guards I mind-controlled of his hardware in passing.

  • 1974 A. Norton Iron Cage xvii. 259 page image Andre Norton bibliography

    But I didn’t know about the helmet, except that you could not mind-control him if he wore it. I didn’t know they could!

  • 1987 M. M. Snodgrass Degradation Rites in G. R. R. Martin Wild Cards 174 page image Melinda M. Snodgrass bibliography

    He knew he was being unfair, lashing out at the wrong people, but their attempt to separate him from Blythe shattered his control, and he had brutally mind[-]controlled them both.

  • 1990 B. Searles On Books in Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar. 184/2 page image Baird Searles

    Each has a servant…who has been mind-controlled for so long that s/he is virtually an extension of the User’s will.

  • 2015 S. M. Stirling A Clan’s Foundation in By Tooth & Claw 100 page image S. M. Stirling bibliography

    He hadn’t mind controlled a Mrem slave since he’d been young and he’d forgotten the pleasure it brought.

  • 2016 C. Shephard No More Heroes in Starburst Magazine (#423) Apr. 18/3 page image

    Stark mind[-]controlled or blackmailed most villains into his service, quickly assembling a legion of killers.

  • 2020 N. K. Jemisin City We Became xiii. 357 N. K. Jemisin bibliography

    I don’t care how many people they’re paying off or mind-controlling, even eldritch abominations can’t get a construction permit overnight in this city.

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