planetman n.

a person from one’s home planet n.

Now rare.

In quot. 1936: a being from another planet; alien n.

[after countryman]

  • [1936 C. A. Brooks New Planet in Mail (Adelaide, Australia) 2 May 7/6 page image

    Professor Howard found these planetmen very friendly, and they took him with his rocket to their large homes. ]

  • 1937 P. Wordley Robin Hood of Space in Atom (vol. 1, no. 1) Mar. 7 page image

    He wore those—to Earthian tastes: offensive—tufts of hair cultivated beneath each ear, affected by certain of his planetmen.

  • 1942 R. Wilson Four-Star Planet in Future Apr. 76/2 page image Richard Wilson bibliography

    When the brown folk learned that no further harm would befall them from their planetmen, they too swarmed over, making gentle nuisances of themselves.

  • 1951 R. Wilson Dateline: Mars in Planet Stories May 75/2 page image Richard Wilson bibliography

    His skin was whiter than that of most of his planetmen, and he had no neck to speak of.

  • 1954 W. Moore Rx Jupiter Save Us in Future Science Fiction Jan. 58/1 page image Ward Moore bibliography

    Finding a fellow planetman in the role of one of the crew…, he had arranged to be picked up on the next trip.

  • 1965 F. Saberhagen Stone Place in Worlds of If Mar. 13/2 page image Fred Saberhagen bibliography

    ‘You protest?’ ‘I do.’ The Venerian looked around at his planetmen. ‘We all do.’

  • 1976 A. Norton Perilous Dreams in Deadly Dreams (2011) 188 Andre Norton bibliography

    One does not disturb a dreamer. It would be dangerous for both your planetman and the dreamer herself.

  • [1979 E. Morgan Moons of Jupiter in Selected Poems (1985) page image Edwin Morgan

    These [/] memories, and love, go with the planetman [/] in duty and in hope from moon to moon.]

  • 1991 Canberra Times 30 Sept. (TV Guide section) 10/2 page image

    About now is when things start to get really weird, as the gunman reveals he is an alien and is keen to have sex before his ‘planetmen’ blow the Earth away in a few hours’ time.

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