gravity n.

= gee n. 2

  • 1930 J. W. Campbell, Jr. Black Star Passes in Amazing Stories Quarterly Fall 497/1 page image John W. Campbell, Jr. bibliography

    Each man seemed laboring under the load of three gravities and four gravities as the ships flashed on at ever higher speeds.

  • 1931 J. W. Campbell, Jr. Islands of Space in Amazing Stories Quarterly Spring 161/1 page image John W. Campbell, Jr. bibliography

    We can develop an acceleration of ten earth gravities either forward or backward, and more if the human body will stand it.

  • 1936 D. R. Smith Trial Trip in Novae Terrae (#8) 17 page image

    We were about eigth [sic] thousand miles up then and we let her out on six gravities with the idea of squashing some of the liveliness of Leach ans [sic] son.

  • 1949 A. C. Clarke Hide and Seek in Astounding Science Fiction Sept. 71/1 page image Arthur C. Clarke bibliography

    It was accelerating at almost five gravities—and it had broken its radio silence.

  • 1951 R. A. Heinlein Puppet Masters in Galaxy Nov. 118/2 page image Robert A. Heinlein bibliography

    The track surely could not be a ship; ships don’t decelerate at fifty gravities! It did not occur to him that that might not matter to a slug.

  • 1951 A. E. van Vogt Voyage of Space Beagle in Triad (1959) iv. 214 page image A. E. van Vogt bibliography

    The frightful acceleration continued. It was at least five, possibly six gravities.

  • 1965 L. Niven World of Ptavvs in Worlds of Tomorrow Mar. 54/1 page image Larry Niven bibliography

    Two gravities! Twelve hours ago, he would have sneered at himself. Two gravities, lying on his back? He could have done it on his head. But that was twelve hours ago, twelve hours of double weight and throbbing metal and noise and no sleep…. It would be a day and a half before ship weight returned to normal.

  • 1977 J. Robinson & S. Robinson Stardance in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Mar. 49/2 Spider Robinson Jeanne Robinson bibliography

    I’ll exercise in three gravities, and I’ll sleep in two, and I’ll make this body last. I know I can.

  • 2010 K. Schroeder Laika’s Ghost in Year’s Best Science Fiction 29 (2012) 113 page image Karl Schroeder bibliography

    ‘A Verne gun fires its cargo into orbit in a single shot,’ Egorov had told Gennady. ‘It generates thousands of gravities worth of acceleration—enough to turn you into a smear on the floor.’

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