weirdist n.

an author or fan of weird fiction


SF Criticism

  • 1936 โ€˜Willy the Wispโ€™ 13 in Arcturus (#4) Apr. 4/1 page image

    This young Floridian possesses the usual complte [sic] files of the stf. magazines, but is primarily a weirdist.

  • 1936 H. P. Lovecraft Interview in Twilight Zone Magazine (Aug. 1983) 25/3 page image H. P. Lovecraft

    It is safe to say that Blackwood is the greatest living weirdist despite vast unevenness and a poor prose style.

  • 1938 D. A. Wollheim in Weird Tales Feb. 256/2 page image Donald A. Wollheim

    They should make fine pictures for adorning the den of a weirdist.

  • 1944 S. D. Russell in Acolyte (#7) Summer 30 page image

    When Derleth and Wandrei brought out The Outsider and Others five years ago, they had no way of knowing whether so risky a venture as a memorial volume of the pulp stories of an almost unknown weirdist might not mean simply throwing money down the drain.

  • 1947 W. Cuppy Review of โ€˜Dark Carnivalโ€™ in New York Herald Tribune Books 25 May 30 in H. Bloom Modern Fantasy Writers (1994) 3 page image Will Cuppy

    Ray Bradbury, a youth of twenty-seven, who has already achieved publications in several magazines outside the pulp field, is something special, perhaps the first of the high-pressure weirdists suitable for general consumption.

  • 1951 S. Moskowitz Immortal Storm v. 20 page image Sam Moskowitz bibliography

    Almost every weirdist of importance in fandom was at one time or another represented in its [sc. Fantasy Fanโ€™s] pages.

  • 1975 L. S. de Camp Lovecraft: A Biography vii.114 page image L. Sprague de Camp bibliography

    Among fellow-weirdists, Lovecraft often used imaginative headings instead of the usual return address and date.

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