xenopsychology n.

the psychology of alien races


  • 1972 J. E. Gunn Listeners 209 page image James E. Gunn bibliography

    She was on her way to begin graduate study in xenopsychology at a university in New York.

  • 1980 G. Bear Beyond Heaven’s River 160 Greg Bear bibliography

    She was brushing up on planetary geology, exobiology, xenopsychology, and a touch of warper science.

  • 1984 R. A. Freitas in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Apr. 41 (title) Robert A. Freitas, Jr. bibliography


  • 1991 K. K. Rusch Dancers Like Children in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Sept. 122 page image Kristine Kathryn Rusch bibliography

    I’m not licensed to practice xenopsychology.

  • 2008 M. Swanwick From Babel’s Fall’n Glory We Fled… in Asimov’s Science Fiction Feb. 13 page image Michael Swanwick bibliography

    I filed it under Architecture, subheading: Support Systems with links to Esthetics and Xenopsychology.

  • 2012 D. Sakers Reference Library in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Nov. 105/1 Don Sakers

    Surely the most interesting examples of xenopsychology, though, come from an entirely different approach. Here, the author begins with specifics of alien biology and environment, and works from there to develop and deduce psychology.

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