nanotechnological adj.

resulting from developments in nanotechnology; of or relating to nanotechnology


  • 1986 M. Richards Building a New World, Atom by Atom in Washington Post 21 Dec. d3/2

    [K. Eric] Drexler is the founder of the Nanotechnology Study Group at MIT—the first attempt to organize the various strains of nanotechnological thinking into a unified, scholarly discipline.

  • 1987 M. Bishop Secret Ascension 327 page image Michael Bishop bibliography

    Loan conferred with the operators ‘feeding’ the vats, then introduced his guests to one of the molecular programmers who had laid out the agenda for tonight’s nanotechnological miracles.

  • 1988 Nanotechnology in Spaceflight Mar. 107/3 page image

    A reasonable (assuming nanotechnological premises) guess as to the form of an advanced extraterrestrial, one or two steps further up the hierarchical ladder, would place it beyond molecular machinery and into the database realm revealed by disassemblers and managed by Al capabilities.

  • 1989 Sunday Times 17 Sept. d5/6

    The idea resembles work towards nanotechnological machines—a vision of tiny molecular kits for fabricating materials, molecule by molecule.

  • 1994 I. McDonald Necroville (1995) 38 Ian McDonald

    The week after that they were even shipping then down in environment tanks from the Milapa Swimmer Community to visit Camaguey’s nanotechnological reef.

  • 2005 Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest Autumn 109

    There’s little hope that even his iron discipline and nanotechnological enhancements can free him from her spell.

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