telepath v.

to transmit (a message, image, etc.) by telepathy; (also) to communicate with (a person) by telepathy; also intransitive; cf. telepathize v.


  • 1885 Society for Psychical Research in Time Apr. 417 page image

    A large number of very careful experiments with various percipients are given in much detail in the papers of the Society, and they effectually dispose of the suggestions that either chance or trickery are a sufficient explanation. Well-known men of science were in some cases the only persons cognisant of the thoughts to be transferred (or should we say ‘telepathed’?); and as regards chance, the adverse odds are stated in one case to be 142 millions to one, and in another something incalculably greater than this.

  • 1891 Review of Reviews 15 Oct. 347/2

    As soon as a man begins to speculate as to how he telepaths, he loses the power of telepathing.

  • 1907 E. Towne Mental Messages in Nautilus Sept. 8/1 (editorial) page image

    Everybody in the world practices this telepathy every day. Every time you think a thought about a person your thought literally goes to that person. If the thought suits her she receives it. [...] Suppose you telepathed her to call you on the phone. If the message suits her it enters into her aura, and on through to her solar plexus, where it makes her ‘feel’ that she wishes to call you.

  • 1929 ‘H. James’ Mernos in Amazing Stories Feb. 1004/2 page image L. C. Kellenberger bibliography

    After they had conversed in this manner for some ten minutes, the one who had first spoken to me, or I should say, thought to me, ‘telepathed’ to me as I may term it: ‘Come with us to the great Samozar; he would like to see you.’

  • 1933 F. J. Ackerman Time Tatler in Science Fiction Digest (#7) Mar. 14/2 page image Forrest J. Ackerman bibliography

    Joe Skidmore telepathed one of my pet ideas in his ‘Souls Apace’ story. Apparently the minds of Science Afflictionists, as one correspondent would have it, run alike.

  • 1936 H. Hasse He Who Shrank in Amazing Stories Aug. 52/2 page image Henry Hasse bibliography

    ‘I know that you would like to learn things about myself,’ I telepathed…. Reading his mind I could see that he had not received the thought, so I probed even deeper and again flashed the same thought. This time he did receive it, and there was an answering light in his eyes.

  • 1947 E. Hamilton Star of Life in Startling Stories Jan. 56/2 page image Edmond Hamilton

    Mar Kann has already telepathed me information…that you Hoomen come here seeking the secret of immortality.

  • 1952 A. Bester Demolished Man (1978) i. 20 page image Alfred Bester bibliography

    I am a 2nd Class Esper. I can telepath normal applicants rapidly and efficiently, but I cannot handle other Espers with the same speed and economy.

  • 1959 J. Boardman Asteroid Light (filk song) in Futures Conditional (1972) 153 page image John Boardman bibliography

    But she telepathed angrily out of the night, / Then to hell with the keeper of the Asteroid Light.

  • 1967 I. Wallace Croyd i. 1 page image Ian Wallace bibliography

    At first, the passing touch of a nudie had jarred him; but presently he telepathed one to stay for a while, and obediently it floated around him, brushing against him as his mood drew it.

  • 1983 E. E. Smith Subspace Encounter i. 9 page image Edward E. Smith Gerard Quinn bibliography

    ‘Positive,’ he telepathed.

  • 2001 A. McCaffrey Skies of Pern IV. 366 page image Anne McCaffrey bibliography

    The white one leads the way, but why is it that they do not use telekinesis if they can telepath and teleport?

  • 2012 T. Wolfe Back to Blood xvii. 592 page image

    Immediately she telepathed Amélia over the fiber-figmental chimecopteric connection she had left on all evening.

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