combozine n.

a collection of zines bound or published together, esp. for distribution at a convention

The earliest combozine is typically considered to be the Denventioneer, published for the 1941 Worldcon in Denver, but that publication did not use the word combozine itself.


SF Fandom

  • 1946 (Fourth World Science-Fiction Convention) (title) page image

    Pacificon Combozine.

  • 1946 F. T. Laney Miscellania in Fan-Dango (#12) Summer 8 page image Francis T. Laney

    For the special PACIFICONGLOMERATION, the combozine flung together by that high flinger E Everett Evans, I am inserting pages 1-8 and 7-8.

  • 1949 Fantasy Annual 1948 38 page image

    C. Edward Burbee’s own fanzine (sic) appeared thrice in 1948, and additionally came out once in combozine form with Fan-Dango.

  • 1957 K. M. Carlson Letter in Imagination Aug. 126/2 page image

    The NEWYORCON is past history, but fans interested can still get a copy of the NEWYORCON MEMORY BOOK at $1 a copy. It has 160 pages of mimeographed material, printed covers, special plastic binding, fanzine combozine, [etc.].

  • 1975 E. Weinstein Fillostrated Fan Dictionary 28 Elliot Weinstein bibliography

    Combozine…A group of fanzines bound together, usually done so for conventions.

  • 1975 H. Warner, Jr. in Outworlds (vol. 6, iss. 3) Third Quarter 979/1 page image Harry Warner, Jr.

    I don’t believe anyone published that long ago such a fat fanzine, unless you count a worldcon combozine or two which consisted of special issues of various fanzines from this and that fan bound together.

  • 1980 Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Nov. 5 (advt.) page image

    We’re not a magazine; we’re a combozine. Claustrophobia binds six publications into one monthly package…covering the frontiers most significant for the development of the human race: space industrialization, exploration, and colonization; [etc.].

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