biosuit n.

any of various protective garments, as: a suit designed to protect the wearer from biological hazards; a protective suit made of biological materials; a relatively flexible and lightweight spacesuit

  • 1969 B. Bova Foeman, Where Do You Flee? in GalaxyJan. 31/1 page image Ben Bova bibliography

    The captain's mono-moleclar [sic] biosuit gave his craggy face a faint sheen, like the beginnings of a sweat.

  • 1992 D. Brin Genji in Murasaki 44 page image David Brin bibliography

    Minoru stank from hour after hour in his biosuit.

  • 1995 D. Hood Biouniversity in Science Fiction Age Sept. 73/2 page image Daniel Hood bibliography

    β€˜He’s got a plague. Burn him.’… The flames roared, lapping up the synthetic of their biosuits.

  • 2002 E. V. Lustbader Veil of a Thousand Tears ii. 56 page image Eric Van Lustbader bibliography

    Even filtered through the neural nets of his biosuit the acuity of sensation made him feel as if he was being rubbed raw.

  • 2003 M. Atwood Oryx & Crake xiii. 338 page image Margaret Atwood bibliography

    We’re seeing some very strange microbe activity here. Very unusual. The place is hotter than hell. I’m toughing it out in a biosuit, but I don’t really know whether I’m contaminated or not.

  • 2021 D. Arnold Electric Kingdomii. 87 David Arnold bibliography

    I return the mug to the kitchen and head upstairs for my biosuit. β€˜Here we go.’

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