Cyberman n.

in the British television series Doctor Who: one of a race of emotionless cybernetic humanoids

The appearance, and explanation of the origins, of Cybermen varies substantially throughout the show’s history.



Doctor Who

  • 1966 Tenth Planet (episode 1) (Doctor Who episode) (transcript)

    [Barclay:] But who or what are you? [Krail:] We are called Cybermen…. We were exactly like you once but our cybernetic scientists realized that our race was getting weak…. Our scientists and doctors devised spare parts for our bodies until we could be almost completely replaced.

  • 1966 Tenth Planet (episode 1) (Doctor Who episode) (transcript)

    The Cyberman menace has ended all over the world. Let me have a full report as soon as you can.

  • 1974 G. Davis Doctor Who & the Cybermen vii. 84 Gerry Davis bibliography

    The first Cyberman operated a control on his chest unit and pulled out an aerial. He bent his head slightly and spoke into what appeared to be a small built-in mike in his chest unit.

  • 1984 P. Haining Doctor Who: The Key to Time 167/2 Peter Haining bibliography

    The Cybermen too were destined for more appearances and so far have had encounters with all the Doctors and have proved to be almost as popular enemies as the Daleks themselves!

  • 1996 Guardian 5 Mar. ii. 10/1

    I have never got over the stress and trauma caused to me by the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz, the slitty mouths of the cybermen, the things that live inside Daleks, the idea that Captain Hook’s blood was yellow—I’m still funny about egg yolk—and the subject of my most intense nightmares, Torchy.

  • 2006 G. Russell Doctor Who: Inside Story 211

    What if they weren’t dying; what if the Cybermen, instead of being dirty and greasy, were shiny and lovely.

  • 2015 S. Guerrier & M. Kukula Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who 311

    That seems key to the enduring success of the Cybermen as monsters: many stories include scenes of people being converted into Cybermen where it is a terrifying thing.

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