regeneration n.

in the British television series Doctor Who: the process by which a Time Lord transforms themself into a new physical form, esp. after an experience that would otherwise be fatal; (also) a particular manifestation of a Time Lord

Doctor Who

  • [1974 Liverpool Echo 16 Feb. 1/8

    The Doctor’s latest character change was explained yesterday by producer Barry Letts. ‘The present Doctor goes into a cave and dies. But because he is a Time Lord he regenerates and bounces back again, looking remarkably like Tom Baker.’]

  • [1974 Planet of the Spiders (Part Six) (Doctor Who episode) 8 June (transcription)

    All the cells of his body have been devastated by the Metebelis crystals, but you forget, he is a Time Lord. I will give the process a little push and the cells will regenerate. He will become a new man.]

  • 1978 Invasion of Time (Part One) (Doctor Who episode) 4 Feb. (transcription)

    [Lord Gomer:] They say with time wisdom comes to a man. Aren’t you due for regeneration?

  • 1978 Invasion of Time (Part Three) (Doctor Who episode) 18 Feb. (transcription)

    [Lord Gomer:] I’m sorry I can’t go any faster. By the time you’re my age, I’m in my tenth regeneration, you know.

  • 1980 T. Dicks Doctor Who & the Underworld 34 Terrance Dicks bibliography

    The regeneration method of the Time Lords was largely a natural one. A combination of genetic coding and long yoga-like training enabled them to trigger the regeneration process themselves at the appropriate time.

  • 1984 P. Haining Doctor Who: The Key to Time 9/1 Peter Haining bibliography

    In the first episode of ‘The Power of the Daleks’ in 1966, the Doctor (then in his Patrick Troughton regeneration) rummaged around among things in the TARDIS and produced…a small, leather-bound book. [Ibid. 210] The plot progresses inevitably towards the terrible conflict which necessitates the Doctor’s regeneration into his new, youthful body.

  • 2006 Doctor Who Annual 2006 9/2

    His days were brought to an end when the TARDIS was drawn off course by the malignant Rani, causing a space collision which triggered his next regeneration.

  • 2015 S. Guerrier & M. Kukula Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who 379

    In Deep Breath, Clara struggles to come to terms with the Doctor’s latest regeneration.

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