Vulcan mind meld n.

= mind-meld n.

Star Trek


  • 1968 J. M. Lucas Elaan of Troyius (Star Trek script, 23 May) 40

    Mr. Spock,…he refuses to talk. I’ll need you for the Vulcan mind-meld.

  • 1983 S. Marshak & M. Culbreath Triangle ii. 18 Sondra Marshak Myrna Culbreath bibliography

    There had been many times when he had not backed away from some form of mental contact—the Vulcan mind-meld, occasionally some other sharing.

  • 1996 D. Carey Star Trek Voyager: Flashback 63 Diane Carey bibliography

    If you live through the stress of a Vulcan mind-meld of this intensity, you might still come out of it severely brain-damaged.

  • 1998 G. Cox Assignment: Eternity xiii. 176 Greg Cox bibliography

    There is a procedure known as the Vulcan mind meld.

  • 2015 J. Birmingham Dave vs. the Monsters: Ascendance 79 John Birmingham bibliography

    This woman wasn’t just doing some Vulcan mind-meld party trick. She’d invaded him. Conscious and unconscious, id and ego.

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