Loonie n.

a native or inhabitant of the Moon; = Lunarian n.; Lunite n.; Lunarite n.


  • 1941 Startling Stories Mar. 123 page image

    We’ve lots to show you, from the Loonies on the Moon to the marsh-tigers of Venus.

  • 1951 ‘J. MacCreigh’ Danger Moon in Science Fiction Quarterly Aug. 47/2 page image Frederik Pohl bibliography

    It’s an old Loonie city.

  • 1965 R. A. Heinlein Moon is a Harsh Mistress in Worlds of If Dec. 14/2 page image Robert A. Heinlein

    If you think any Loonie in those days would hesitate to take advantage of Warden, then you aren’t a Loonie.

  • 1970 L. Carter Star Rogue 131 Lin Carter bibliography

    Same thing happened later in the same century, when Luna, the satellite of Sol III, was settled. The colonists were indignant to the point of being ferocious about being called ‘Loonies’.

  • 1995 R. Rucker Loonies Need You in Interzone Apr. 10/2 page image Rudy Rucker

    Monique’s tissues had at least three other basic attractor modes as well: the spread-out ‘puddle’ shape she used for soaking up sun, the sea-going ‘shark’ shape, and the rarely used ‘rocket’ shape that moldies could use to fly between the Earth and the Moon, not that a moldie like Monique had any desire to go to the Moon with its crazed loonie culture of outlaw moldies.

  • 1998 D. Gerrold Jumping off the Planet in Science Fiction Age Jan. 53/2 page image David Gerrold

    Alexei is a native Loonie, down here for college and muscles.

  • 2015 K. Bao Dove Arising xli. 309 page image Karen Bao bibliography

    I used to hate Loonies. All Odans do. But in my opinion, only the Jupiters and generals and Committee members are truly awful. The rest of you are... tolerable. And you? Definitely more than tolerable.

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