fanarchistic adj.

preferring to avoid organized forms of fandom


SF Fandom

  • 1944 F. T. Laney in Fan-Dango #7 (Winter) 9 page image Francis T. Laney

    I am particularly struck with your underlying attitude that all these projects must be sponsored by the NFFF or some similar organization in order to be successful. Now I realise that my own personal fanarchistic attitude may perhaps be coloring my views, but I honestly cannot see the utility of the NFFF in such a connection.

  • 1958 Aporrhรฉta (#4) Sept. 6 page image

    It might just be Harry Turnerโ€ฆmm, maybe not, not fanarchistic enough. Dammit there are so many males of the right age group.

  • 1978 A. Engholm June (title of fanzine)

    Fanarchistic Writings.

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