datapad n.

a thin handheld electronic device for viewing and manipulating information; a tablet computer

  • 1962 ‘J. Rackham’ Rainmakers in Science Fiction Adventures (vol. 5, no. 30) 23 page image John T. Phillifent bibliography

    A non-modulated signal carries fairly well. So long as Barney can hear that, we can find our way back. You have the fix and the data-pad? Right, here we go.

  • 1982 M. P. Kube-McDowell Green Hill Far Away in Perpetual Light 212 page image Michael P. Kube-McDowell bibliography

    In his cabin on Chalice, John Moretti squirmed to a new, equally uncomfortable position on his bunk, and lowered the screen brightness of his Datapad to a more agreeable intensity. He paused to yawn, then continued reading.

  • 1988 D. Duane Spock’s World 187 page image Diane Duane bibliography

    Shath consulted a datapad that he was carrying.

  • 1995 K. J. Anderson Darksaber xxxv. 232 page image Kevin J. Anderson bibliography

    She sighed and turned to Pellaeon, who stood holding a datapad with the latest fleet statistics.

  • 2001 J. Rayner EarthWorld v. 108 page image Jacqueline Rayner bibliography

    A grey-haired woman was sitting with her back to them, frantically copying numbers from a screen on to a personal datapad.

  • 2010 A. M. Steele Emperor of Mars in Asimov’s Science Fiction June 18 page image Allen Steele bibliography

    He rarely shared a table with anyone else in the wardroom, and instead ate by himself, staring at his datapad the entire time.

  • 2020 E. Bear Machine xviii. 293 Elizabeth Bear bibliography

    I couldn’t even ask my own patients what was wrong except by typing and machine translating on a datapad—hilarious—so we communicated mostly by them shoving the affected area under my nose, and me spraying a biologically appropriate sealant over the wound.

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