Martian adj.

of or relating to the the planet Mars or its inhabitants


  • 1873 The Planet Mars in Cornhill Magazine July 98 page image

    We may fairly assume that the Martian atmosphere extends to a height of at least 100 miles from the planet’s surface.

  • 1873 The Planet Mars in Cornhill Magazine July 100 page image

    All the conditions of life in Mars, all that tends to the comfort and well being of Martian creatures, must differ so remarkably from what is known on earth, that to reasoning beings on Mars the idea of life on our earth must appear wild and fanciful in the extreme, if not altogether untenable.

  • [1877 N.Y. Times 12 Aug. 4/3

    If we could safely compare terrestrial with Martian geology…we might almost be tempted to find…an argument in favor of the theory that Mars passed through fewer stages of development during its life-bearing condition than our earth.]

  • 1898 H. G. Wells War of Worlds ii. ii. 210 H. G. Wells

    Long before the Martian invasion.

  • 1907 H. G. Bishop On the Martian Way in Broadway Magazine 1 Nov. 148/2 H. G. Bishop bibliography

    Two little Martian orphans, going back to relatives…were dancing boisterously around her, their big pear-shaped heads, stocky chests and pipestem legs contrasting strangely with the other children. [Ibid.] 152/2 On the platform, at the forward end of the room…the orchestra was discoursing some weird Martian melody.

  • 1956 C. D. Simak Time & Again ix. 42 Clifford D. Simak

    Earth news…was followed by Martian news.

  • 1993 K. S. Robinson Red Mars i. 9 Kim Stanley Robinson bibliography

    When he says we will make an indigenous Martian culture, he only means some of the Terran cultures here will be promoted.

  • 1993 K. S. Robinson Red Mars (1993) 285 Kim Stanley Robinson bibliography

    There are too many people coming up. You know that. They're not Martian, and they don’t care what happens here.

  • 2018 M. R. Kowal Fated Sky i. 16 Mary Robinette Kowal bibliography

    My heart ratcheted up, because this meant that the probe was about to enter the Martian atmosphere.

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The Planet Mars: An Essay by a Whewellite

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Ben Ostrowsky submitted a 2018 cite from Mary Kowal's "Fated Sky".

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