xenocidal adj.

of, pertaining to, or involving xenocide n.


  • 1979 R. A. Freitas, Jr. Illegal Aliens in Omni Nov. 110/3 page image Robert A. Freitas, Jr. bibliography

    Stiffer sentences might be appropriate for xenocidal acts committed against longer-lived or more highly intelligent or sensitive species.

  • 1987 R. J. Green Leading Edge in New Destinies (#2) Fall 137 page image Roland J. Green bibliography

    If he fails, either the human colony on Lusitania will be exiled, or there will be another xenocidal war.

  • 1993 O. S. Card Books To Look For in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 53/1 page image Orson Scott Card

    The two species seem to have no common ground, no hope of a solution short of xenocidal war.

  • 2010 D. T. Mitenko Eddie’s Ants in Asimov’s Science Fiction July 50 page image D. T. Mitenko bibliography

    I love xenos! I’m a xenophile, a xenophyte! It’s just that when I think about that one bloody ant infestation in Aleksa’s house… I admit, I get a little xenocidal. [ellipsis in orig.]

  • 2014 S. Erikson Willful Child xv. 211 Steven Erikson bibliography

    ‘Well, there’s way too many Klang as it is anyway. Have you visited any of their planets? Pure mayhem! Exudations! Vile sex fluids!’ ‘So now who’s the xenocidal mad AI?’

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Bill Mullins verified the original version of the 1979 Freitas quote (from the 1983 "Omni Book of Space") in its first publication in Omni.

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