frak v.

(a euphemism for) fuck, in various senses and parts of speech

Coined on, and chiefly associated with, the television show Battlestar Galactica. In the Original Series (1978), used exclusively as an interjection; in the Reimagined Series (2003–2009), used more broadly as a euphemism for many forms of fuck, both figurative and literal. Spelled frack in Original Series scripts, frak in the Reimagined Series, apparently because the producers wanted it to literally be a four-letter word.

  • 1978 Ultimate Weapon (Battlestar Galactica shooting script) 14 Sept. reshoot 13

    Starbuck’s cockpitHe is furious. STARBUCK Frack!

  • 1978 Galactica Terminology Sheet (Battlestar Galactica Writers Guide, Universal City Studios) 2 Oct.

    Frack!—an expletive.

  • 1978 Hand of God (Battlestar Galactica shooting script) (undated) 38

    Starbuck turns to his right and we see a Cylon fighter fly past extremely close. STARBUCK Oh…frack!

  • 2005 Hand of God (Battlestar Galactica episode) 11 Mar. (transcription)

    We are well and truly frakked.

  • 2006 Scar (Battlestar Galactica episode) 3 Feb. (transcription)

    I guaran-frakkin-tee you, I will put you down this time for good.

  • 2006 Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II (Battlestar Galactica episode) 10 Mar. (transcription)

    You’re not still frakkin’ Dualla are ya?

  • 2006 Entertainment Weekly 29 Sept. 32

    And it will be used to express rage after a high-ranking officer (nope, we ain’t tellin’) drives a pen into the neck of tortured traitor Gaius Baltar (James Callis) and screams ‘MOTHERFRAKKER!’

  • 2007 Crossroads, Part I (Battlestar Galactica episode) 18 Mar. (transcription)

    You know this game’s got frak-all to do with the real thing, right?

  • 2016 SciFiNow (#126) 28

    If you mess with her crew, she’ll frak you up.

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