flux capacitor n.

in the film Back to the Future and its sequels: the core component of the time machine made of a DeLorean automobile

Time Travel

  • 1981 R. Zemeckis & B. Gale Back to the Future (film script, first draft, 24 Feb.)

    The Power Converter, now operating at peak efficiency, thanks to the chemical makeup of Coca-Cola, channels energy into the Flux Capacitor, which releases several jigowatts in a fraction of a millisecond. Electron acceleration takes place here...and the result is the temporal displacement beam you saw a few moments ago.

  • 1985 R. Zemeckis & B. Gale Back to the Future (transcript of film)

    When I came to I had a revelation, a picture, a picture in my head, a picture of this. This is what makes time travel possible. The flux capacitor.

  • 1998 USA Today 14 Sept. 18c

    The record forever will show that Jeff Burton won the Exide 400 on Saturday night at Richmond International Raceway in a Ford Taurus, not the DeLorean with a flux capacitor favored by big-screen time traveler Marty McFly.

  • 2017 Geeky Monkey Jan. 92 page image

    This version of the DeLorean has already been into the future, so the back of the car also has a Mr Fusion Home Energy Reactor mounted between the exhausts to power the flux capacitor.

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