faanish adj.

of or relating to fandom, esp. on a superficial level; typical of a faan n.


SF Fandom

  • 1959 Waldo (#1) Dec. 14 page image

    Frank is a fount of information regarding s-f, and a living example that s-f fans are faanish.

  • 1961 Xero (#3) Jan. 4 page image

    The first two were ‘big’ cons, of the type Ray’s proposed big organization would sponsor, and the others were noted ‘faanish’ cons.

  • 1967 Algol (#12) 18 Mar. 67 page image

    His major objection to fannish fans is that they criticize his writing; having one of the big names of ‘faanish’ fandom tear it to shreds will simply make matters worse.

  • 1973 C. T. Smith Letter in Fantastic Feb. 116/1 page image

    The admittance fee is simply a sum paid to allow one to walk into the hotel for a faanish event.

  • 1975 E. Weinstein Fillostrated Fan Dictionary 4 Elliot Weinstein bibliography

    A few of the copies will be sent to Linguistics departments in a few universities. I realize that this is not a very faanish stunt, but rather more sercon.

  • 1983 J. W. Taylor Letter in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 157/2 page image

    I don’t mean to suggest heavyweight lumps such as appear in Extrapolations, nor naively ‘faanish’ dreck, but rather…readable criticism.

  • 1996 A. I. Porter Ed Wood (obituary) in Science Fiction Chronicle Oct. 40/1 page image Andrew Porter bibliography

    A lifelong sercon—serious constructive—fan, rather than a faanish one, he was a co-founder of Advent:Publishers, whose many works over the years include such seminal works as Damon Knight’s In Search of Wonder, Robert Bloch’s The Eighth Stage of Fandom, Lloyd Eshbach’s Of Worlds Beyond, Alva Rogers’s A Requiem for Astounding and Alexei Panshin’s Heinlein in Dimension.

  • 1997 G. Farber & A. I. Porter Tom Perry (obituary) in Science Fiction Chronicle Oct. 22/2 page image Andrew Porter Gary Farber bibliography

    Tom’s zines were like his writing: always thoughtful, carefully done, fannish, yet substantive and of import. He combined the faanish touch of a Lee Hoffman or a Bob Tucker with the care and weight of a Redd Boggs.

  • 2002 M. Burgess & L. R. Bartle Reference Guide to Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror (2nd ed.) 453 page image Robert Reginald Lisa R. Bartle bibliography

    [in a review of Cult Horror Films by Welch Everman] At times, the author’s attempts at levity outweigh any measure of analysis in the entries, which thus often degenerate into faannish-style reviews rather than real critiques.

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