science fantasy n. 2

= imaginative fiction

Rare, now hist.

SF Criticism


  • 1932 F. J. Ackerman Letter in Astounding Stories Nov. 282/2 page image Forrest J. Ackerman

    Announcement Science Fictional: the Fantasy Fans Fraternity! Science-fantasy differs from the usual run of book and magazine fiction in many ways but primarily in the unflagging loyalty and alert interest of its many followers. No other class of readers can compare in these respects with genuine Science Fiction fans. It is for them that the Fantasy Fans Fraternity is being launched. There are no restrictions; no recommendations are needed. Girls, boys,men, women, may join freely. All lovers of the diverse forms of fantasy are invited. (This goes for you Strange Tales readers, too!) There are no dues or fees of any kind, except for a very nominal charge (only a trifle more than a new copy of the magazine you are now reading) for a membership card. This card allows the Fraternizers special privileges and derives them much benefit.

  • 1953 J. M. Crawford et al. 333 (title)

    333: A Bibliography of the Science-Fantasy Novel.

  • 1955 โ€˜A. Boucherโ€™ Intro. Best from Fantasy & SF (ser. 4) 7 Anthony Boucher

    F&SF has a broader editorial policy than most other science-fantasy publicationsโ€”a policy which is, in effect, nothing more than to publish originally conceived and well-written imaginative fiction of any and every type.

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