robotic n.

a robot; a robotic device



  • 1950 C. D. Simak Time Quarry in Galaxy Science Fiction Oct. 18/1 page image Clifford D. Simak bibliography

    Across the board stood a beautifully machined robotic. The man reached out a hand, thoughtfully played his knight. The robotic clicked and chuckled. It moved a pawn.

  • 1954 B. Walton Minority Decision in Future Science Fiction (UK ed.) Apr. 44/1 page image Bryce Walton bibliography

    The floating robotic preceded Leydon down a narrow aisle.

  • 1957 R. E. Gilbert Hunt the Hog of Joe in Infinity Science Fiction Feb. 27/1 page image Robert E. Gilbert bibliography

    I set the quadpod close to Rasmussen, lifted the robotic into position, and threw the switches to maximum.

  • 1999 R. R. Harris Pilgrim in Absolute Magnitude Summer 55/2 page image Richard R. Harris bibliography

    The robotic suddenly came into view from behind the rubble of a collapsed building next to him. He could tell it was an outdated Warrior Class model.

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any evidence 1950

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Clifford Simak

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The OED has a 1951 cite from Clifford Simak's "Time and Again"; Jesse Sheidlower converted it to its original magazine appearance in Galaxy.

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