SF/F n.

science fiction and fantasy, regarded as a single broad genre

Also SFF.

SF Criticism


  • 1981 27 May in SF-LOVERS Digest V3 #141 5 June in fa.sf-lovers (newsgroup) page image

    I've been invited down to San Antonio to give a talk to a cat club on cats in SF, and would like to give them a "recommended reading" list of books which feature felines prominently and IN A FAVORABLE LIGHT…. For instance, I remember seeing a SF/F cat anthology I lack data on.

  • 1988 Locus Apr. 37/2

    I have enjoyed Locus for twenty years and watched it progress to include the entire Sf/F field.

  • 2002 Science Fiction Chronicle May 31/2

    Has SF/F publishing been hit with lower sales as yet another aspect of the recession?

  • 2006 K. K. Rusch Barbarian Confessions in Asimov’s Science Fiction Sept. 13/2 page image Kristine Kathryn Rusch

    The impact of Star Wars on SFF writing today—toe what extent is current sf writing influenced by Star Wars and how?

  • 2015 G. Ryman in SFX (#264) Sept. 114/3 Geoff Ryman

    SFF novels often take wing in the opening where the writing captures thebreathless excitement of new ideas.

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Jacek Dobrzyniecki submitted a 1981 cite from Usenet.

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