space-travelling adj.

capable of space travel; that travels in space

  • 1930 P. Nowlan & R. CalkinsBuck Rogers, 2430 A.D. in Oakland Tribune 23 June 4m

    Following them in our new space-traveling rocket ship, we rescued Tallan.

  • 1931 I. R. Nathanson Moon People of Jupiter in Amazing Stories Quarterly Spring 230/1 page image Isaac R. Nathanson bibliography

    After years of intense effort, Lowellโ€™s great genius had finally perfected the space-traveling mechanism, which had given us our first successfuly trial flight into the vacuous reaches of out space hundreds of miles beyond the earthโ€™s last trace of atmosphere.

  • 1942 โ€˜M. V. Gordonโ€™ Blind Flight in Stirring Science Stories Mar. 24/3 Donald A. Wollheim bibliography

    This was, this could only be, an artificially created mass, an intelligently directed body, another space-travelling vehicle for an intelligent race!

  • 1946 Amazing Stories Sept. 97/2

    The countless races of men in this frame of space would be neglected and permitted to degenerate into lawless bands of space-traveling pirates.

  • 1951 โ€˜C. Juddโ€™ Mars Child in Galaxy Science Fiction 137/1 page image bibliography

    Somebody once suggested that the ones [sc. fairies] in the story books were the space traveling ancestors of the present-day hallucinations.

  • 1959 A. E. Svenson New Tom Swift in Fantastic Universe July 100/2 page image Andrew E. Svenson bibliography

    Tom and his space-traveling crew always best their adversaries, but there is one threat forever lurking.

  • 1966 L. Niven Relic of the Empire in Worlds of If Dec. 80/1 page image Larry Niven bibliography

    I never heard of a space-traveling race that builds such big things for mere monuments.

  • 2003 R. A. Metzger in Absolute Magnitude Summer 47/2 page image Robert A. Metzger

    The galaxy is really not a big place at all, not with respect to space traveling aliens.

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antedating 1930

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"Buck Rogers" cartoon

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Fred Galvin submitted a 1942 example from Donald Wollheim (writing as "Millard Verne Gordon") in Stirring Science Stories.

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