space gun n. 2

a weapon used in by people in space; a toy handgun of a style imagined to be used by space travellers


  • 1932 R. Cummings Wandl, the Invader in Astounding Stories Apr. 251/2 page image Ray Cummings bibliography

    A haze like glowing stardust, or the radiance from a comet’s tail, was spread…no doubt the released electrons and the dissipating gases of the space guns and exploding projectiles.

  • 1939 O. A. Kline Race Around the Moon in Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug. 103/1 page image Otis Adelbert Kline bibliography

    Kendall has just landed beside us—has his space guns trained on us. His men, armed with bomb guns, are swarming around the ship and have made all of Lawler’s men outside prisoners.

  • 1946 ‘R. S. Shaver & B. McKenna’ Return of Sathanas in Amazing Stories Nov. 44/2 page image Richard S. Shaver bibliography

    We rounded a curve in the companionway and nearly barged into a ray-post unannounced. At the controls of the huge space gun sat a big Angle in the uniform of Sathanas' service.

  • 1955 Z. Henderson Before the Fact in Universe Science Fiction Jan. 63/1 page image Zenna Henderson bibliography

    Children were playing with space guns and space ships and space helmets and space suited dolls for at least fifteen years before there was actual space travel!

  • 1965 ‘J. Tanner’ Open Season in Gamma (#4) Feb. 88/1 page image Jack Matcha bibliography

    The head man nodded to the other invaders and in an instant they had covered the passengers with dangerous looking space guns.

  • 1984 S. King Ballad of the Flexible Bullet in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction June 45/1 page image Stephen King bibliography

    Somehow that rotten little kid was shooting Rackne, killing it with a two-dollar space gun from Kresge’s.

  • 2014 Starburst (#401) June 110/3 page image

    1970’s kids…put on their shiny spacesuits and ‘jaunted’ to other planets and shot (but never killed) aliens with their Woolworths space guns.

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