space-bound adj. 2

headed to space

  • 1942 N. S. Bond Jessifer Rides Again in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 58/2 page image Nelson S. Bond bibliography

    We're out of the Belt, space-bound for the Jovian system.

  • 1951 J. Blish Blackout in Cygni in Planet Stories July 80/1 page image James Blish bibliography

    Muir watched, his fists clenching and openingโ€ฆ The Third Mate was biting his lipโ€ฆ It was not pleasant to be a green officer in a space-bound madhouse.

  • 1957 โ€˜C. H. Thamesโ€™ Think Yourself to Death in Amazing Stories Mar. 117/1 page image Milton Lesser bibliography

    This very night, unless something was done about it, the cache of thermonuclear weapons would be space-bound, the first hydrogen bombs loose in the galaxy for almost five hundred years.

  • 2015 SFX (#257) Mar. 72/1 page image

    A space-bound super-powered messiah with some notable identity issues, Warlock was a pivotal character in the original Infinity Gauntlet storyline.

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