loc v.

to write a loc (to)


SF Fandom

  • 1962 D. G. Hulan in Loki (Southern Fandom Press Alliance) (#1 (not stated)) (back cover)

    You are receiving LOKI because: You contributed ( )  Paid ¢a$h ( )….You LoCed lastish ( )….Unless you contribute, pay, trade, or LoC, you will not get nextish unless you belong to SFPA.

  • 1965 Nexus (#3) 1 page image

    There are again a very limited number of copies being printed; If you’re not in OMPA you had better LoC or contribute something interesting if you wish to receive the next issue.

  • 1981 Proper Boskonian (#23) 2 page image

    Apparently I was among the cast of thousands who starred in the epic production, ‘I failed to Loc the 18th Proper Boskonian’. ((Actually, Harry, only about 250 people failed to Loc PB 18. Somehow, that doesn’t make me feel any better…))

  • 2007 File 770 (#152) 2/1 page image

    Thanks to fans who devotedly LoC nearly every zine they get.

  • 2013 Broken Toys (#15) 7 page image

    It would be insane to expect anyone to loc as often as every issue…. Some readers don’t loc at all.

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antedating 1962

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in Loki (issue #1)

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Fred Galvin submitted a 1962 cite from a personal copy of Loki.

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