smeghead n.

in the British TV series Red Dwarf: a foolish or contemptible person

[< smeg v. + head, after fuckhead, shithead, etc.]

  • ca1988 R. Grant & D. Naylor Kryten in Son of Soup (1996) 131

    Mr. Arnold is not his name. His name is Rimmer. Or smeghead.

  • 1989 β€˜Β˜G. Naylor’™ Red Dwarf 276

    You're a smeg head, Rimmer, you really are a smeg head.

  • 2010 S. L. Nickerson Planet Hunters in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Apr. 84/2 S. L. Nickerson bibliography

    β€˜I don’t believe it. First you abuse Galileo, and now you deface my Hertzsprung-Russell diagram?’ I asked. β€˜Fracking smeghead.’

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