Wookiee n.

in the fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise: (a member of) a race of tall, hairy, humanoid aliens

[improvised on the set of George Lucas’s first film, THX-1138, by actor Terry McGovern, inspired by the name of his friend Bill Wookey; see quot. 1971]


Star Wars


  • [1971 THX-1138 (film) (transcript of unscripted line)

    I think I ran over a wookiee back there on the expressway.]

  • 1974 G. Lucas Star Wars (film script: rough draft) 99 George Lucas

    Behind the crawlers, five Wookees, (huge grey and furry beasts) hang upside down in a tree. Occasionally, they thrash about in great anger and frustration.

  • 1976 G. Lucas Star Wars (Revised fourth draft) 66 George Lucas

    A droid doesn’t rip peoples [sic] arms out of their sockets when they lose…wookiees have been known to do that.

  • 1979 B. Daley Han Solo’s Revenge i. 3 Brian Daley bibliography

    He waved and called a greeting to Chewbacca, whom he’d always liked. The Wookiee returned the wave offhandedly, booming a friendly welcome in his own tongue.

  • 1984 S. King & P. Straub Talisman (1985) 341 bibliography

    What’s this guy tryinna disappear behind you, a Wookiee?

  • 2008 Vanity Fair Mar. 290/3

    Using a more personal form of the Force, Vader hoists a struggling Wookiee into the air and dashes him against a wooden support beam, which cracks and splinters with remarkable authenticity.

  • 2011 New Yorker 25 Apr. 35/3

    There was a shoe covered in blue and green goat hair; Krakoff placed his hand over the tip to approximate an open toe. ‘I think it would help it not look like a Wookiee’™, he said.

  • 2015 SFX (#262) Summer 29/1 page image

    Columbus aims to tap into the kind of generational nostalgia that recently saw the world weep tears of simple joy for a Wookiee and his pal. ‘When I saw the Star Wars trailer and saw Chewie and Han Solo at the end, it was emotional.’

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