Tardis n. 2

(literally or figuratively) something with a larger capacity than its outward appearance suggests

  • 1969 R. Holmes Thunder & Glitter of Astrobards in Times (London) 29 Mar. (Saturday Review section) 22/4

    [discussing Brian Pattenโ€™s Notes to the Hurrying Man] His best poems are like Doctor Whoโ€™s Tardis, the solid streetcorner policebox, which actually contains a sidereal spaceship.

  • 1996 Time Out 17 Jan. 41/3

    One of the conveniences of having a Tardis for a stomach is that you can order loads of main courses.

  • 2005 GQ Sept. 51/1

    The Honda Civicโ€ฆhad so much interior space it made the Tardis look like, er, a police phone box.

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