light barrier n. 1

a force field made of beams of light

Rare. Obs.

  • 1930 M. F. Rupert Via the Hewitt Ray in Science Wonder Quarterly Spring 383/1 page image M. F. Rupert bibliography

    I looked back to see if any harm had come to the Hewitt Ray machine. The fifty women surrounding it were directing great beams of light in all directions, forming a light barrier, which I later learned was able to stop and deflect any destructive beam which might be directed towards the machine.

  • 1945 Astounding Science-Fiction Feb. 63/1 (editorial summary of Nomad, by ‘Wesley Long’) page image

    Guy develops a small light-barrier using the same principle as Ertene’s planet-sized light shield.

  • 1949 J. H. Schmitz Agent of Vega in Astounding Science Fiction July 34/2 page image James H. Schmitz bibliography

    As soon as he’s ready to take off, he’ll drop that light-barrier. When he does, spear him with a tractor and tell him he’s being held for investigation.

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