light barrier n. 2

the speed of light, as a theoretical limit of speed of any object

  • 1950 W. Sheldon Eyes are Watching in Amazing Stories July 103/2 page image Walt Sheldon

    The speed of light. Pluto and back. That was only the test. That was only a quick run and the light barrier would be crossed for only a few seconds during the trip.

  • 1950 W. Sheldon Salad Citizens in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 133/2 page image Walt Sheldon bibliography

    Meβ€”the first guy to take a ship through the light barrier, even if it did disintegrate.

  • 1972 C. Kapp Patterns of Chaos in Worlds of If Feb. 57/1 page image Colin Kapp bibliography

    Thirty-three seconds of gut-tearing, bone-straining agony, during which their craft was slipped through the light-barrier to be hurled at superluminal velocities across the galaxy.

  • 1981 I. Asimov Science in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 137 page image Isaac Asimov

    We broke the sound-barriers, and we’ll break the light-barrier. You scientists are just stupid and dogmatic.

  • 2014 S. Baxter Ultima xvi. 126 page image Stephen Baxter bibliography

    Here, you had no relativity theory. But you did have the kernels, and you discovered relativity experimentally, by driving your kernel ships up against the light barrier, and finding out the hard way that the clocks slow and the relativistic mass piles up.

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