atomics n. 2

atomic weapons


  • 1943 C. D. Simak Hunch in Astounding Science-Fiction July 32/2 page image Clifford D. Simak bibliography

    My men are rounding up the Asteroid jewels. Got bushels of them so far. Putting them under locks you'd have to use atomics to get open.

  • 1947 ‘K. Hammond’ Lord of the Storm in Startling Stories Sept. 54/1 page image Henry Kuttner bibliography

    ‘There’s a weapon right at our hands—the strongest one in the world. All we have to do is use it.’ La Boucherie stilled. ‘Atomics?’ he said, and his voice was not quite steady.

  • 1948 E. E. Smith Triplanetary 96 Edward E. Smith bibliography

    Six of those targets that did such fancy dodging were atomics, aimed at the Lines.

  • 1964 F. Herbert Dune World in Astounding Science Fiction Jan. 72 Frank Herbert bibliography

    Outside of atomics, I know of no explosive powerful enough to destroy an entire worm. They're incredibly tough.

  • 1976 H. Brennan Saros in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Sept. 10/2 page image Herbie Brennan

    There’s not a chance we'd even notice bomb damage down there. Not that there’s the slightest chance of damage in the first place—that chamber’s deep enough to stand up to anything except tactical atomics.

  • 1988 H. V. Hendrix Last Impression of Linda Vista in Aboriginal Science Fiction May–June 60/1 page image Howard V. Hendrix bibliography

    She didn’t use nukes. I use them instead of chemical explosives because atomics let me work in the Hiroshima Shadow Effect.

  • 2001 P. Reeve Mortal Engines (2004) 6 Philip Reeve bibliography

    The Ancients destroyed themselves in that terrible flurry of orbit-to-earth atomics and tailor-virus bombs called the Sixty Minute War.

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Clifford Simak, "Hunch," in Astounding

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Jesse Sheidlower checked the 1948 example from a reprint of E. E. Smith's "Triplanetary"; it is not found in the original 1934 appearance in Amazing Stories.

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