time radio n.

a device that allows messages (but not physical objects) to be sent across time

SF Encyclopedia

Time Travel

  • 1934 F. Flagg Mentanicals in Amazing Stories Apr. 77/2 page image Francis Flagg bibliography

    You know radio—yes, radio—they have been utilizing discoveries in that field to send messages back in time. Your coming here has not been accidental—do you understand that?—not entirely accidental. By means of their time-radio they have willed your coming.

  • 1938 S. A. Coblentz Through the Time-Radio in Marvel Science Stories Aug. 85/2 page image Stanton A. Coblentz bibliography

    After we have finished excavating, we will take a look through the time-radio. And then we shall know everything. [Ibid. 86/1] The time-radio—or, rather, the time-radio-televisor—has already achieved remarkable results…. Why not construct a machine that will pierce the fourth dimension…and show us past and future events?

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There's an entry in the Encylopedia of Science Fiction, but it's not clear whether the books referenced use the expression "time radio", or just show the concept; we'd like any quotes for the expression.

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