time hopper n. 2

= time traveller n.

Time Travel

  • [1956 R. Silverberg Hopper in Infinity Science Fiction Oct. 94/2 page image Robert Silverberg bibliography

    I've determined that these disappearances are directly connected to historical records of the apperance of the hoppers in the late Twentieth Century and succeeding years.]

  • 1967 R. Silverberg Time Hoppers (title) Robert Silverberg

    The Time Hoppers.

  • 1972 H. Harrison Cast-Iron Rat in Worlds of If Feb. 85/1 page image Harry Harrison bibliography

    How had they known what was going to happen? They knew because some time-hopper had read the newspapers after the event then had jumped back in time to give the warning.

  • 2009 Atlantic Monthly May 33/2

    Jerry Cornelius, the Byronic time-hopper created by Moorcock, makes a cameo in Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Research requirements

antedating 1967

Earliest cite

Robert Silverberg, "The Time Hoppers"

Research History
The 1967 Robert Silverberg novel "The Time Hoppers" is based on his 1956 short story "Hopper", which however does not use the full form. Since the sense 'a time machine' is found earlier, we'd love to find an example of the 'time traveller' sense before the Silverberg novel.

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