time police n.

officers who travels through time to attempt to prevent the past from being changed; a governmental body that regulates time travel

SF Encyclopedia

Time Travel

  • 1950 ‘P. Worth’ Typewriter from the Future in Amazing Stories Feb. 61/1 page image Rog Phillips bibliography

    The now you use is a time-point and moving at right angles to the time stream you call past and future, and also another point moving at right angles to it. If the time police find out about it you will not be here now in the other time.

  • 1959 D. E. Westlake And Then He Went Away in Future Science Fiction June 91/1 page image Donald E. Westlake bibliography

    I am from the twenty fifth century. I am a policeman, until recently assigned to customs duty. I have just been promoted, and my job assignment changed to the Time Police.

  • 1969 C. M. Kornbluth Time Bum in Fantastic June 85/2 page image C. M. Kornbluth bibliography

    In the end the Time Police punished him for unauthorized time traveling. They had come back and got him, brought him back to his own time.

  • 1999 Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Mar. 37/2 page image

    This isn’t the Time Police zooming in on antigrav thrusters.

  • 2000 N. Spinrad On Books in Asimov’s Science Fiction Oct.–Nov. 229/1 page image Norman Spinrad

    An oft-told tale, in which the time police of a self-appointed transtemporal authority…patrol the centuries and eons combating those who would tamper with history.

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