braintape n.

a recording of the (entire) contents of a person’s mind

In quots. 1954 and 1964, referring to a robot.

  • 1946 J. Shelton Battle of the Brains in Thrilling Wonder Stories Spring 13/2 page image Jerry Shelton bibliography

    This is an electronic brain-tape message…. Do not be alarmed.

  • 1954 R. Cummings He Who Served in Fantastic Universe Sept. 111/2 page image Ray Cummings bibliography

    Everywhere Toory was admired…. Toory glowed inwardly. His brain-tapes received the warmth.

  • 1964 H. Harrison How the Old World Died in Galaxy Oct. 83/1 Harry Harrison bibliography

    When a robot was finished building another robot he activated him with a magnetic copy of his own brain tape and the new robot went to work doing the same thing.

  • 1979 O. S. Card What Will We Do Tomorrow? in Capitol (1980) 204 Orson Scott Card bibliography

    Mother’s Little Boys took the body out and disposed of it, and Mother’s braintape was put into safekeeping by those who would never harm it.

  • 1999 S. Dedman Tourist Trade in Science Fiction Age Sept. 42/1 page image Stephen Dedman bibliography

    Zhir stardrive kills anything larger than a single cell; anyone who wants to travel between worlds has to have a braintape played into an android body.

  • 2000 S. Dedman Shades of Green in Science Fiction Age May 29/1 page image Stephen Dedman bibliography

    People travelled by having braintapes downloaded into android bodies or clones, while their originals stayed at home.

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