-con suffix

(used to form the names of conventions, with the first element indicating the location or (typically in informal designations) the main subject or focus of the event) cf. con n.

SF Fandom

  • 1940 B. Tucker Le Zombie 10 Feb. 4

    Chicon Chat Dept.

  • 1942 ‘˜H. H. Holmes’™ Rocket to Morgue 86 Anthony Boucher bibliography

    The next one’s here in Los Angeles, and I’m afraid it’s called the Pacificon.

  • 1951 M. Reynolds Case of Little Green Men 52

    The tenth anniversary of the first World Science Fiction Convention is to be held here in this city in a few days, Lieutenant. We call it the AnnCon as an abbreviation of Anniversary Convention. The Eighth Convention, held in the Northwest, we called the NorWesCon; the one in New Orleans, Louisiana, was the NolaCon.

  • 1969 T. Carr Fantasy Fandom in Fantastic Oct. 54/1 page image Terry Carr bibliography

    The Baycon was so fragmented in these various ways that it seemed like a collage-con.

  • 1972 M. C. Kichards Fan’s Trek Through Comic Book Conventions in Monster Times (#13) 19 July 11/1 page image

    In essence, the notice said that there would be a ‘COMICON’, a meeting place for the aficionados of comic art.

  • 1979 Famous Monsters of Filmland (#155) July 44/1 page image

    There are now more than a quarter hundred science fiction conventions a year held in the greater Los Angeles area. A feature of one called the Galacticon late last year was…the filming of the segment of Wonder Woman which revolved around an imaginary sci-fi con.

  • 1992 Fantasies (front cover)

    The Fourth Annual Relax-a-Con.

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