-con suffix

(used to form the names of conventions, with the first element indicating the location or (typically in informal designations) the main subject or focus of the event); cf. con n.


SF Fandom

  • 1939 M. Reinsberg In 1940—It’s Chicago! in Voice of the Imagi-Nation (#3) Sept. (inside front cover) page image Mark Reinsberg

    What about the Milwaukee Fictioneers? They couldnt [sic] come to the ‘Nycon’ but as a body they are pledged to be in Chicago.

  • 1940 ‘B. Tucker’ Fan Mirror in Le Zombie (#23) 10 Feb. 4 page image Wilson Tucker

    CHICON CHAT DEPT: (Beginning a new regular dept. to carry news of the coming Chicago convention).

  • 1942 ‘H. H. Holmes’ Rocket to Morgue 86 Anthony Boucher bibliography

    The next one’s here in Los Angeles, and I’m afraid it’s called the Pacificon.

  • 1951 M. Reynolds Case of Little Green Men 52

    The tenth anniversary of the first World Science Fiction Convention is to be held here in this city in a few days, Lieutenant. We call it the AnnCon as an abbreviation of Anniversary Convention. The Eighth Convention, held in the Northwest, we called the NorWesCon; the one in New Orleans, Louisiana, was the NolaCon.

  • 1969 T. Carr Fantasy Fandom in Fantastic Oct. 54/1 page image Terry Carr bibliography

    The Baycon was so fragmented in these various ways that it seemed like a collage-con.

  • 1972 M. C. Kichards Fan’s Trek Through Comic Book Conventions in Monster Times (#13) 19 July 11/1 page image

    In essence, the notice said that there would be a ‘COMICON’, a meeting place for the aficionados of comic art.

  • 1979 Famous Monsters of Filmland (#155) July 44/1 page image

    There are now more than a quarter hundred science fiction conventions a year held in the greater Los Angeles area. A feature of one called the Galacticon late last year was…the filming of the segment of Wonder Woman which revolved around an imaginary sci-fi con.

  • 1992 Fantasies (front cover)

    The Fourth Annual Relax-a-Con.

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