astroengineering n.

large-scale structural engineering in space, esp. such as involves the modification of the physical structure or configuration of a planet, a star, or an entire solar system; cf. terraforming n.


  • 1971 Nature 1 Oct. 295/3

    We might first detect other civilizations through evidence of astro-engineering activities such as the construction of devices to capture all the energy of a central star.

  • 1986 G. Benford & D. Brin Heart of Comet (1987) i. 70 David Brin Gregory Benford bibliography

    He had applied to Berkeley for graduate school in astroengineering.

  • 1994 J.-L. Trudel Stella Nova in On Spec Spring 34/2 page image Jean-Louis Trudel bibliography

    They already pursued astroengineering on a grand scaleโ€”at what cost in sentient lives?

  • 2004 P. F. Hamilton Pandora's Star v. 129 Peter F. Hamilton

    โ€˜How come you didnโ€™t build this at the High Angel?โ€™ Wilson asked. โ€˜I know it would add another two hundred and thirty light-years to the trip, but thatโ€™s not much to this ship if I read the specs right. And they have all the astroengineering expertise there.โ€™

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