Earthsider n.

a native or inhabitant of Earth


  • 1966 J. Brunner Long Way to Earth in Worlds of If Mar. 26/2 page image John Brunner bibliography

    This was a firm big enough and inarguably profitable enough to tolerate such minor budget items as repatriation of an Earthsider.

  • 1972 B. M. Stableford Halcyon Drift (1974) viii. 64 Brian Stableford bibliography

    The shipbuilder was a stubborn man, and he didn’t really know what he was about. He was an Earthsider, not a spaceman.

  • 1983 G. Benford Against Infinity in Amazing Stories May 116 page image Gregory Benford bibliography

    The Settlement will have to mortgage out to the Luna brokers first, and then some Earthsiders later.

  • 1993 P. Anderson Harvest of Stars (1994) 243 Poul Anderson bibliography

    They were athletic and alert, but Earthsiders.

  • 1994 R. Silverberg Hot Sky at Midnight 5 Robert Silverberg bibliography

    Juanito listened to the sound of his breathing, quick and shallow, the way all Earthsiders breathed.

  • 2005 M. Rosenblum Green Shift in Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar. 124 page image Mary Rosenblum bibliography

    What do they mean, Earthsider? To us? This isn’t your world.

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