gafia n. 1

participation in fandom

Now supplanted by gafia n. 2.

[< getting away from it all; generally credited to Dick Wilson, inspired by the title of Away From It All: An Excapologistโ€™s Notebook, 1937 book by Cedric Belfrage]


SF Fandom

  • [1938 F. J. Ackerman Three Comrades in Science Fiction News Letter (#37) 13 Aug. 2 (review) page image Forrest J. Ackerman

    So, I proclaim 3Cs (not to b confused with the CCC) to b my foremost favorite fantascience film for its pregnant profecy of that day to come when melankolix may go millions of miles awayโ€”to Mars!โ€”to gafia (get away from It All).]

  • 1940 D. Wilson Strictly Public in Science Fiction Weekly 12 Apr. 4/1 page image Richard Wilson

    The Local & Benevolent Order of Gafia is the latest contribution of this department to the finer arts of fandom.

  • [1944 F. J. Ackerman Fantasy Flanguage in What Is Science Fiction? 27 page image Forrest J. Ackerman

    So once again there were only 2 Fen, and while one picked up his obliterine and turned toward Mimi, the other, an escapist, picked up a prozine to gafia.]

  • 1956 R. Thompson in Eclipse (#17) 3 page image Ray Thompson

    ECLIPSE is a sometimes publication, devoted to the furtherance of More Gafia For Fandom, (MGFF)[.]

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