holocamera n.

= holocam n.

  • 1975 R. Campbell Murders in K. Bulmer New Writings in SF 26 134 page image Ramsey Campbell bibliography

    ‘It’s the sort of thing that might make a sentimental person disobey government rules,’ his gaze settling on the trapped expression of a telepath which the holocamera didn’t catch.

  • 1981 H. Harrison Planet of No Return 111 Harry Harrison bibliography

    A small red light that had been blinking on the rear of the holocamera changed to green, indicating that the development cycle was complete. Brion took out the roll of film and slipped it into the holder of the projector. When he switched it on a jagged wall of metal instantly appeared in the opening between the trees. It floated there, against all reason, a holographic projection indistinguishable from the real thing.

  • 1992 A. McCaffrey & M. Lackey Ship Who Searched in Amazing Stories June 79/1 page image bibliography

    It was…important to stop digging now, mark the site in case another sandstorm came up and capriciously buried it as it has capriciously uncovered it, and bring some evidence to show Mum and Dad what she had found. Except that she didn’t have a holocamera.

  • 2001 G. Wolfe Viewpoint in Starwater Strains (2005) 24 Gene Wolfe bibliography

    Are you going to ask where the holocameras are, sir?

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