motherworld n.

the planet on which a species originated; cf. homeworld n.

  • 1928 E. L. Bell Moon of Doom in Amazing Stories Quarterly Winter 24/2 page image Earl Leaston Bell bibliography

    There was the likeness of the mother world itself—two circles in which the outlines of Earth’s continents had been carved.

  • 1937 J. H. Haggard From Vacuum of Space in Astounding Stories Dec. 137/1 page image J. Harvey Haggard bibliography

    He realized that his mother world from which he had come in exile was lost among the tiny pin points of the farflung curtain of space.

  • 1951 A. C. Clarke Earthlight in Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug. 69/1 page image Arthur C. Clarke bibliography

    Inevitably the new worlds began to loosen their ties with Earth. Their populations were still very small compared with those of the mother world but they contained the most brilliant and active minds the race possessed.

  • 1966 G. Wolfe Mountains Like Mice in World of If May 93/2 page image Gene Wolfe bibliography

    There are so many things for an undergraduate to learn about our own world—Mars—that we try to discourage you from getting started on the endless succession of inquiries about the Motherworld.

  • 1988 ‘C. J. Cherryh’ Cyteen 120 C. J. Cherryh bibliography

    The arks preserve such fragmentary codes as have been recovered…from the last pre-mixing genepools of the motherworld.

  • 1992 V. Vinge Fire upon Deep i. vi. 36 Vernor Vinge bibliography

    Straum welcomed folk from the mother world; their enterprise was less than one hundred years old.

  • 2015 K. M. McKinley Iron Ship xxxix. 394 page image K. M. McKinley bibliography

    Elliptical tracks described their orbits around the Earth, the white about the equator, the red at a forty-five degree angle to the ecliptic plane of the motherworld.

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