mech n.

= robot n.; (also) = mecha n.


  • [1933 L. Manning Call of the Mech-Men in Wonder Stories Nov. 380/1 page image Laurence Manning bibliography

    A dozen different Mech-men began thought-talking at once. Some of them were for killing me and organizing an expedition to explore the world and kill all the humans on it, in order to save the machines from cruel slavery…. ‘Machines better and must rule planet…. Humans only protoplasm.’]

  • 1938 ‘L. del Rey’ Helen O’Loy in Astounding Science-Fiction Dec. 119/2 page image Lester del Rey bibliography

    We naturally mulled over the future of the mechs. He was sure that the robots would beat men some day.

  • 1955 J. E. Gunn Naked Sky in Startling Stories Fall 21/2 page image James E. Gunn bibliography

    I was about to get a straightforward answer to a straightforward question from this mech.

  • 1965 G. R. Dickson Ounce of Emotion in Worlds of If Oct. 97/2 page image Gordon R. Dickson bibliography

    A freight-handling mech slid into the room.

  • 1986 G. Benford & D. Brin Heart of Comet (1987) i. 3 David Brin Gregory Benford bibliography

    Had had been tending the construction mechs—robots that were deploying girders.

  • 1999 M. Swanwick Ancient Engines in Asimov’s Science Fiction Feb. 94/1 page image Michael Swanwick bibliography

    ‘Planning to live forever, Tiktok?’…‘I believe you’re talking to me?’ a mech said.

  • 2019 T. Onyebuchi War Girls (2020) v. 42 Tochi Onyebuchi bibliography

    When she finally looks up, her cheeks are wet with tears. ‘They’re going to have to kill me first.’ As she launches herself at the phalanx of enemy mechs, she lets out an animal cry that fills her cockpit. Her mech’s arms unfold to reveal their Gatling guns, and she fires and fires and fires.

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